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Requiem For The Wrestling Few

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Fanfic title + link: Requien For the Wrestling Few
Fanfic author: Son Rhandi (known as Rhandi Mask on her website)
Series:Ultimate Muscle
Summary:A week after the Gen-EX fiasco, a turtle-shaped spaceship lands in the area, and its owners have come to recruit wrestlers, Gazelle Man and Seiuchin (Wally Tusket) their prime choices. Unfortunately, these guys don't take 'no' for an answer...
In brief, why you like it: It's the first (American) Ultimate Muscle multi-chaptered fic! There are a lot of unique elements in this fic including a villian murdering someone by eating them (read the fic and it will make sense.) I really liked the O.C., Tamerlion. It's one of the few multi-chapter fic that I really wish the author would follow-up on.
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