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It seems this comm doesn't get much visitation. But I stumbled upon it, and I couldn't resist claiming my favourite story.

Your user name: CaptainBliss

Fanfic title + link: Smoke:

Fanfic author: Jane St. Clair.

Series: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Rating: NC-17

Summary: One Wesley Wyndham-Pryce is in college. He’s been moved to several different colleges because he committed adonery (sleeping with boys). He goes into London to feed his growing, nagging Heroin habit, and gets caught by a pack of skinheads. From his point of view, he sees imminent death. And then a certain old Chaos Mage happens upon the alley the skins have trapped him in. Ethan Rayne, Chaos Lord, bit of a poofter, bit of a dandy. Saves Wesley and brings the boy to his apartment. And from there…well. You can guess what happens.

In brief, why you like it: The imagery and the depth of this story is amazing. And the way the characters are captured simply puts me in awe. St. Clair puts this spin on a rich boy coming into the streets of London that I could’ve never dreamt up. She captures Ethan’s very heart and soul, and does the same with Wes. I love this story because I’ve always been fascinated by Ethan, and Smoke just adds on to the characteristics and idioms and expressions I give to him when I write him.
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