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Fanfic title + link: Riptide (
Fanfic author: Judith (better known as OdoGoddess psyfic)
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Spanning from "Ties of Blood & Water" to after "Children of Time", this 'what-if?' gathers the loose ends between Odo and Kira...and ties them. (this is directly taken from Judith's fic listing--since she knows me, i don't think she'll shoot me ^^)
In brief, why you like it: She has not only an excellent grasp on the twists and tides of serious and heartfelt angst, she has some of the best characterization of both Kira and Odo (but especially Odo) that I've seen in my years of reading DS9 fic. The other characters fit nicely when their scenes come up and are also written well, unlike some authors who use them as filler, if you will, when they hit writer's block on their chosen main character(s). The love scenes between the couple are touching, powerful and true to their characters. To me, a five star fanfic has to suck me in so deeply that when I'm done, I'll blink at the monitor and take about ten seconds to realize that I wasn't watching a new episode. And this one does it no matter how many times I read it.

(okay so maybe that's not-so-brief....but then i do tend to ramble X.x.... :goes to bed:)
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