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Claim a Fic!
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All Members , Moderated
This community is designed to put a 'claim' on a piece of fanfiction you really love. That is not to say you own the fanfic, but just to show your appreciation for it. This claiming community will also then double up as a recommendation list, and is therefore slightly more interesting for the other people involved.

When making your claim, please post into the community using the following template;

Your user name:
Fanfic title + link:
Fanfic author:
In brief, why you like it:

Just a few very basic and simple rules to follow. Please read these before posting.

1: No netspeak. It's really irritating.
2: Only one claim per person.
3: Check the Claims List before posting. You can not have the same fanfic as someone else.
4: Do not post your own fanfic. That's cheating.
5: Please try and refrain from saying 'THIS FIC RAWKS!!!11seventeen' when saying why you like it, and instead give us a little more to go on.
6: Play nicely. I don't see what would cause a flame war, to be honest, but nevertheless don't do it.
7: No spam. It does not work, and every time you do it God Sauron kills a kitten hobbit.
8: Most basic of all, you must really like this fanfic. There's no use posting something you were merely apathetic towards. We want to see things you really enjoyed. That's the whole point.

You can whinge to either of the following;

silverchan (The Canadian)
uko_chan (The Brit)
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